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Sunday, March 4, 2012

Adjectives Are Sweet

It sure has been awhile since we posted!  Blame the 100th Day, Valentine's Day, and Read Across America week.  Oh, and blame nasty colds.  Oh, and blame us, for being absent.  We just get so gosh darn tired every once in awhile.

We did this adjective activity a little while back, but our kiddos had such fun with it, we had to share it.  And by sharing we mean talking about it of course, but even it to you to use in your classrooms!!  For free :)

We use Storytown as our reading series.  Storytown spends no less than 5 lessons talking about adjectives.  Overkill?  A little?  A whole week on adjectives that tell how many is a little much if you ask us.  But recently, our kids learned about adjectives using the 5 senses.  What better way to learn about those adjectives than to use our 5 senses?  And what better way to use our 5 senses than candy????  You're right.  None.

First, we handed out the Sweet Adjectives sheet.  Then we walked around and let each student pick their candy.  Skittles were a huge hit, followed by M&Ms, and then the Twix and Snickers bars tied for third.  These kids were smart.  They knew the chocolate bars would start melting during the activity (why didn't their teacher think of that?).  We then had the students empty their candy out onto the frame on the page.  We decided to go sense by sense, and not let any kiddos work ahead.  That is completely your choice.  You could even make a center out of it!

Once everyone had completed looks, feels, and smells, everyone was allowed to chow down  Just in time for our chocolate bar choosers who were watching chocolate smudge and melt before their very eyes!  While students were chewing, they added to the taste section of their worksheet.  As you can see, each section needed 3 adjectives.  We weren't too choosy, students could use an adjective more than once, as long as they didn't overuse any adjectives.

After everyone's sweet tooth was satisfied, students drew their candy in the (now empty) frame portion of their worksheet.  Then (spur of the moment thought), students had to turn their paper over and use one adjective from each section in a sentence.  Simple! Tasty! Fun! Educational!  Easy! (How about those adjectives)???

There you have it! 

(Sorry.  Candy not included)

Thanks for stopping by!  We'll see you sooner rather than later next time!