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Monday, September 14, 2015


September is a month of new beginnings for many of us who head back to school during this month. But, boy, has September been a month of change for me a few years running.

September 2013: I was teaching second grade in the district I had worked for since I started my career as a teacher. No big changes other than a new class and a new superintendent.

September 2014: We welcomed Ella Grace into the world and EVERYTHING changed {for the better}. I put teaching on the back burner and became a stay at home mom for the entire school-year.

September 2015: I started a new job, in a new district, with a new title. {and my baby became a toddler...sigh...where does the time go?}

That's right, if you follow me on Instagram, you *may* have seen my subtle announcement that I have accepted a different position in a different district and I am pretty darn excited about it!

I will now be teaching Language Arts to grades K-2 as a pull-out teacher. My position is pretty new to the district and school where I now work. Because of this, I'm not quite sure what my responsibilities will be, what programs I will be using, etc.

I'm not quite sure what lies ahead, but I do know I made the right decision. I had contemplated not going back to work at all, and actually, for about two weeks over the summer that was the case. I resigned my former position without having anything else lined up. We were fine with me staying home a for a few years, but there was a small voice in my head telling me I wanted to be back in the classroom sooner rather than later. I started searching for part-time teaching positions and I found the posting for the district where I now work.

I am hopeful that my new position will offer me a deeper understanding of literacy and language arts in the primary grades, which will in turn lead me to creating resources for a variety of grade levels.

I am also hopeful it will create the work-home balance I was searching for when I applied for the job. Because the job is part-time, I get to devote more of myself to my family, friends, and home. I am excited to hopefully have the best of both worlds.

Because of these changes, my blog is undergoing a little bit of change as well. I will of course be blogging about all the things my new position entails: lessons, funny stories, products, and pictures. And I also hope to blog a little bit more about my personal life as well: parenting a toddler {again, sigh}, house/home/decor, favorite things, and just any little thing I want to!

I hope you will want to follow along :)

Keep an eye out for the new look, soon!