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Sunday, April 12, 2015

Contraction Kings & Queens

I'm pretty excited about my newest unit for TpT: Contraction Kings & Queens :)

It's such a fun, engaging, and interactive unit you can use to introduce or reinforce contractions. And come on, what kid doesn't want to be the king or queen of anything and everything?

Posters are provided for common contractions. To cut down on printing, I display them on my projector, but they would also be great as part of a contraction bulletin board.

There are also a variety of printables to use with your students.

A big thing for me in my classroom is making the most of every minute. How can I attack multiple skills at once? These printables do just that!

There are sheets for contraction practice, but there are also printables that work on sentence writing and reading comprehension, while still addressing contractions. Win. Win. Win!

And every king and queen needs a crown, right? Different variations of crowns are included for your students to wear. But they have to work for that crown first...

Different versions of king and queen crowns are included. Use them as you progress through the unit, or use them to differentiate among your students.

The last element of Contraction Kings and Queens {and perhaps the most fun} is a "Royal Mission" Hallway Hunt! Your students are on a mission for the King and Queen of Contraction Land! If they complete it correctly, they get added to the Royal Knight & Dame Scroll! Your kiddos will love it!

You can grab this unit for 25% off through tomorrow {April 13th} by clicking the picture below!