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Thursday, June 21, 2012

Where, Oh Where, Have We Been?


Remember us?

We might not be surprised if you didn't.  It's not a new blog that showed up in your blog roll, it's just us, after a much needed vacation!

So, where have we been?  We've said it before, but this year has been very overwhelming for both of us.  Along with new administration came lots of change {not all of it bad, at all...but still.. change!!!! lots of it}.  The change took the wind out of our sails, and the little energy we had went to our students, our classrooms, and all of that end of the year goodness.

Jenna was maid-of-honor to her best friend the very weekend we got out of school, before that she was planning and executing a shower and a bachelorette party {both a distance from her home}, as well as working a 2nd job.  She's been a busy, busy, bee, and her summer shows no signs of slowing down.

Me? Well, I'm just planning a big deal.  The first week in June, I was incredibly spoiled by my fabulous coworkers, with an adorable after-school shower, spoiled by my little munchkins {and Dave} for my birthday, and then the frosting on the cake: my bridal shower was thrown for me by my wonderfully creative mom and generous and lovely bridesmaids.

Whew.  That paragraph used a lot of adjectives.

But it was all so wonderful.  I loved every single second of all that good stuff, just for me!  It only happens once, right?  I vowed a long time ago to take it all in, and appreciate it, and I really, really, really did {and still do!}

Here are a few pictures of my {perfect} shower.

See what I mean?  Shabby-chic, girly, pink, vintage-y, garden-y, romantic, perfection.

I realize that this is not teacher-related in the least.  But, this is what I've been doing, and wedding planning has definitely been the focus of my attention lately. We are at just over a month.

I will be back soon with school stuff as well.  Our new administration is allowing us in over the summer to work on our classrooms {see, not all change is bad}.  And since I'm in a new room, {again!}, I am thankful for that, and yes, anxious to get started!

I hope everyone is enjoying their summer!



  1. I am so excited for you! Good luck with all the changes!
    Where Seconds Count 2nd grade blog

  2. Your shower looks like it was beautiful! We just found your blog and are now following you! We would love it if you would stop by sometime!
    Katie & Lisen

  3. Thanks for stopping by my blog! I am now your newest follower. :)


  4. I awarded you the One Lovely Blog Award! Stop by my blog to accept it!
    Where Seconds Count 2nd grade blog

  5. Your shower was so beautiful! I just found your blog and am now a follower. I know what you mean about changes, they can really drain you mentally.


    2nd Grade Pig Pen

  6. Wow! Your shower was amazing! I know how wedding planning can seriously drain all your energy and make you want to just scream. I too am in the process of doing it. But, it's such a wonderful experience!

    Sweet Seconds


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