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Tuesday, July 17, 2012

My Name is Halle, and I am a Font Addict: A Linky Party!

Good Morning!

Miss Nelson, over at Run! Miss Nelson's Got the Camera is hosting a Linky Party of my favorite sort, A FONT Linky Party.

I am addicted to fonts.

I have been forever.  Since before the very first teacher blogged.  When my first lap top crashed, I didn't mourn the pictures lost, I mourned the fonts.

I used to pay for fonts.  I still will, if I really love it.  I almost dropped 80 bucks on a font for my wedding invitations, until I found a suitable *free* replacement.  But now, through teacher bloggers mostly, I've discovered site such as Kevin and Amanda, Really Quite Lucky, Miss Tiina, and dafont.

So, without further very favorite fonts {it was soooo hard to pick!}

Click on the picture to make it larger.  Sorry it's sooo small!
My go to font is ck handprint.  Google it, it's free.  I almost had it as my favorite font for student sheets, but some letters {like to O} in ck handprint don't show up as capital.  And since I am so strict about proper capitalization in my classroom, I feel like sort of a hypocrite when I use ck handprint for student sheets.

While I was deciding on my favorite fonts by using {thank you Miss Nelson!  Genius!}, I rediscovered what I already knew...I have a specific addiction to dot fonts.  See image below: the picture to make it bigger!

It has taken more forever to find the perfect dot font.  Right now it's Hello Dot Stick, but before that it was Scrap Circles, and before that DJ Doodlers.  I just think dot fonts scream "TEACHER!!!  TEACHER OF ELEMENTARY STUDENT RIGHT HERE!!!!!"  Although, I know a middle school teacher at my school who uses Scrap Circles, and I am obsessed with everything she does and makes.  She's amazing.

So there you have it, my favorite fonts, broken into categories {great idea Miss Nelson!}.  Most of them are free, but I think anything that starts "LD" or "Scrap" I purchased from Lettering Delights.

Go check out Miss Nelson's blog to find some new fonts, or share yours!

Run Miss Nelsons got the Camera

And just to remind you, I'm giving away 3 sets of cute classroom labels here.

All you have to do is leave me a comment with marriage {or any} advice.  I've gotten a lot of good advice already, so thank you if that's you!

Have a good one!



  1. Love your font selections. MTF porkchop and Hello firstie are new ones to me! Thanks for linking up.

  2. Cute labels? What font is it? Ck handprint?

  3. I love your font selection too.
    The Hive

  4. I am getting married in a little over a year - I think you can give ME advice!! I can't wait to see how it goes :) Congrats!

    T.G.I.F. (Thank God it's First Grade!)

  5. I will have to check out Love your fonts!


    Smiling and Shining in Second Grade

  6. I didn't know Hello Literacy had fonts! How did I miss this?! Love them - thanks so much for sharing.
    New follower :)
    Buzzing with Ms. B


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