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Friday, March 29, 2013

Spring Cleaning Sale!

{image courtesy the uber-talented Krista Wallden}

So a bunch of my favorite bloggers and I are holding a Spring Cleaning Sale in our stores this weekend!  What a treat!  Spring Cleaning you’ll actually enjoy!  My cart is loaded and ready to go, but in case you need some ideas, I have quite a few new things in my store just in time for spring!

Take a look-see:

{Click the picture to grab it from TpT}

Have you read this sweet book?  It’s an absolutely darling story about two friends that meet as a caterpillar and goosling, and what happens to their friendship as they grow and change.  It’s really about what it means to be a true friend, but it’s an excellent book to use to start out your Butterfly Life Cycle unit.  I also love it for predicting and inferring.

Buy the book here.

{Click the picture to grab it from TpT}

Mossy is one of Jan Brett’s newest books.  I gobble up her books because of the adorable storylines and BEAUTIFUL illustrations.  I also love, love, love how the illustrations that adorn the borders of her page show what is going on elsewhere in the story.  It’s a wonderful added element when questioning during reading.  “Mossy” is about a beautiful turtle who grows a garden on her shell, just when she meets a handsome companion she is taken from the pond to be put in a museum.  Another great book for predicting, as well as opinions. 

Scoop up the book here.

{Click the picture to grab it from TpT}

My Miss Rumphius unit has gotten a make-over!  I’ve mentioned about a million times that this is my favorite book in the whole wide world.  It’s a truly beautiful story for any time of the year, but I love to use it for Earth Day because the message is all about making the world more beautiful.  We spend a lot of time around Earth Day talking about the 3 Rs, pollution, energy and resources {with good reason!!!!}, but I also want to teach my kiddos that it’s our responsibility to do things in our life that will make the world a more beautiful place.  Being kind and compassionate and responsible to each other and our planet is just as important as recycling.  This book serves this purpose perfectly.

Please, please, please buy this book here!

Of course if I’ve piqued your interest, or you’re already a fan of these 3 books, I’ve bundled them to save you time and money!

Spring Book Cover
{Click the picture to grab it from TpT}

{Click the picture to grab them from TpT}

My “Think Spring” E/LA Centers are my first go at reading and language centers, but I think I did a pretty good job!  The centers are common core aligned to 2nd grade, but a few of the centers are aligned to 1st and 3rd as well!

There are centers on:
*Plural vs. Possessive Nouns {a skill my little guys and gals are STILL having so much trouble with…time to break out this center in my own room!}
*Irregular Past-Tense Verbs
*Reflexive Pronouns
*Improving Sentences {think adding details}…this one has been a huge hit in my room so far!}

I’ve also been getting TONS of use out of my Spring Comprehension Passages!




I use these in my RTI groups as well as for homework.  My class has gotten so much better at answering open-ended questions and going back into the text.  Definitely the product OF MY OWN that I’ve gotten the most use out of.

Check them out by clicking any of the pictures above.  There is also a freebie if you download the preview.  Score!

I’m also hammering away at an Earth Day mini-unit that I’m trying my darnedest to finish in time for the sale, except I keep getting the side-eye from my hubby {we’re out of town visiting MY family and I’m not being the best host…so we’ll see!}

Happy Shopping!


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  1. I love the turtle craftivity in your Mossy pack! I can't wait to use it with my students...I'll have to steal the book from you next week.

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