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Thursday, April 25, 2013

Wants and Needs Fun!

 We’re all up in our economics portion of our communities curriculum.  This means teaching students all about wants and needs. 

I love this unit for 3 reasons:

1} They inherently get it.
2} This is real life stuff, people.  I know grown adults {me included} that constantly need to weigh what exactly they NEED vs. what they WANT.
3} I made up some fun craftivities to reinforce the concept.  And let’s be honest, we all NEED craftivties in our lives.

After a quick discussion on wants versus needs we whip up these cuties:


{Looks like this kiddo prefers his shelter in the form of a big, brown cave}


We put our needs on our “heart” because we need them to survive.  Students were allowed to choose which needs were most important to them.  I strung all of our needs together and they’re hanging out on our white board.


They look sooo cute I might add!

Wants are like wishes, so we put our wantiest {made-up word} wants on genie bottles!




I didn’t get a chance to hang up our wants yet because we were busy doing a HALLWAY HUNT!!!!!!!!!!!!


Students combed the hallway for images and classified them as wants or needs.  Fun for them.  Instant assessment for me.  I so NEEDED this!

{We classified all healthy foods as needs}

{Need. Duh. Speaking of needs, I definitely needed to refill my ink before printing these cards out.  The original image is actually a healthy green tree, not a dying yellowish-green one}

{One of my students told me a ring was a NEED as in “you NEED it to get married”.  Who was I to argue?}

{Packed up in the binder and ready to go for next year!}

So fun and so easy!  Now you see why I LOVE teaching Wants and Needs!  All of these activities come from my Wants and Needs Mini-Unit.  It’s been a staple of my little shop for awhile, but it recently got a make-over to include the Hallway Hunt.  {It also has 2 printables, one for wants and one for needs}.

{Click the picture to check out the unit on TpT}

I’d love to give a copy or two of this unit away!  If this looks like something you could use in your classroom leave a comment below.  Give me your #1 need and your #1 want!  Don’t forget your email. I can’t wait to read your answers!  I’ll pick a winner by tomorrow night!

Now I ‘m off to dinner… I NEED some sushi ;)



  1. My number 1 need is FOOD! yummy. My number one want is Maxi Dresses for the summer!

  2. My number one want is summer vacation to hurry up and my number one need is summer vacation to hurry up!

  3. My number 1 need is to move. EEK! I am ready! My number 1 want is this pack ;) hehe! or my wedding to come quicker! :)


  4. Yes, you do need a ring to get married! Very observant. LOL to the kid who wants a rainbow!! I'm also giggling at your tree- I didn't even notice it was yellow! And you're right, everyone needs a good craftivity now and then!

    Everyone deServes to Learn

  5. My number one need is for warm weather and my number one want is a new car!

  6. My need is for a weekend!! My want is for summer to get here!! :o)


  7. We are studying needs and wants right now! Since I'm a teacher, I NEED my youngest child to graduate from high school in a month. I WANT to stop stressing so much over things that are out of my control.

  8. My number one need is groceries!! Tomorrow I will brave our grocery store. My number one want is for a magic fairy to pack up my house since we are moving soon!! :)

  9. I NEED more time in the day to accomplish all that I NEED to get done! I WANT a new purse! :)

  10. I need sleep. Lots of it :) My want... an iphone.
    My Second Sense

  11. I need my 7 month old puppy to sleep in his bed all night. Oh, I love him but he is not a sleeper. I want to have a smooth move to second grade next year. I have taught first for 12 years and I am sooo excited to move up but all good things come with a bit of stress.

  12. I need more time to do everything (school work and exercising). I want more sleep!

  13. OMG I already own this product but before the new cute hunt the hallways. There is a perfect video on united streaming (discovery channel). Did you watch this video before coming up with this idea because it matches this activity perfectly.

    Thanks for the blog post cause I am headed to download the updated version!!

  14. I NEED sleep and I WANT summer vacation to get here sooner!

    Christina :)
    Apples, Books, and Crayons

  15. I need to mow the grass and to finish grading these lovely dinosaur projects. (Does that count?) I want someone to buy me an iPhone. :)

    This looks like a really fun way to practice needs/wants and I will be teaching social studies again next year. I have been teaching science for almost my whole teaching career while my team teacher taught the social studies.

    apyle2 AT gmail DOT com

  16. I need to grade my Math CFAs. I want to have a house fairy clean my home - tonight!

  17. I love the magic lamp for "wants"! So cute! I NEED to get more sleep! I WANT some chocolate ice cream :)
    Polka Dot Kinders

  18. Glad we don't have to make our needs fit the four we learn in second I actually have them all. So, I NEED for this cold to disappear and I WANT to do lots of things differently next year! (A very long time teacher at our grade level is retiring, so once she is gone, so is her way of doing things!)

  19. My number one need is MORE sleep and my number one want is an IPAD. I am currently talking about goods and services with my class in social studies so this would be perfect!

  20. I love, loVE, LOVE the genie lamp! I should say I want, waNT, WANT this Needs & Wants/Goods & Services packet because this is what we're doing in Social Studies right now and it is absolutely adorable!

    However, for the needs & wants game; I NEED my family to understand what my new medical diagnosis means and I WANT to go back to the Florida Keys (I live in Texas) so I can get away from it all for a little while. :)


  21. Love this mini unit. I also love hallway hunts!! My #1 need is a full week of school. Because of appts, meetings, sickness, I haven't been here a whole week for 4 weeks. Way too much to get done! My #1 want is a new house!


    1. Sorry, forgot to sign it!

  22. I need to put mulch down and I want to it to be summer!

  23. I need to lose weight to set a positive example for my daughter. I want to have better will power so I can accomplish my need!


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