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Monday, October 28, 2013

Oh, Hey Halloween! Plus, a Spooky Sale!

Well, it’s upon us.  Halloween Week. I’m not sure I’m well rested enough to handle the craziness that this week is sure to bring. I mean, I’m dog-tired from regular October activities.

In other words, October is so totally kicking my butt.

Not to be confused with September. I think I blocked it from my memory.

My kiddos are sure to be wired (it also happens to be red-ribbon week at our school as well)…

but I’m ready for them.  My electronic filing cabinet is stock-piled with tons of awesome Halloween units and activities.  So,!

All week long, we’ll be taking part in spooky reading.  I’ll turn the lights off and play some spooky sounds and students can read by flashlight.  It’s read to self in disguise and it’s a big hit in my room year after year!

We’ll also be fully immersed in centers from some of my favorite bloggers and creators:

Howl for Halloween literacy centers
Costume Inferring Cover
We’ll be doing lots of literacy and writing-themed activities as well!

We’re gonna get our buddy reading on with these fun and spooky poems from Tanja. My kiddos already love reading from their poetry folders so this is gonna put them over the edge!

Monsterly Good Poems: Halloween Poem Pack
We’ll be reading some of my favorite Halloween-themed books and completing activities to go along with them.  I’m so luck to have Rachel’s pack, which makes it really easy on me…I don’t have to come up with anything! Halloweiner is definitely the favorite year after year.

Hallo-Reads A Halloween literacy pack with favorite books
I love all this learning disguised as pure fun! I’m continuing that theme with my Fall Comprehension Sheets.  We’re just now getting into using text-based evidence to support our answers and restating the question in our answer.  It’s tough for them, I can’t lie. I will say, my reading passages definitely make it a little more fun for them and easy for me!




I’m really looking forward to Thursday and Friday when we’ll turn into little witches and wizards and create our own spells and hexes with my spell-writing unit! (It just got a makeover yesterday!!!)


We’ll be creating word families and rhyming words and dreaming up disgusting, slimy, and wretched ingredients for our spells.




As a culmination, we’ll do a spooky author’s share and make a class brew with yucky-sounding ingredients that actually taste delicious.  We’ll even cast a spell for no homework together!


I’m hoping this will be the perfect activity for the day after Halloween. Click here to grab it from TpT.

Speaking of witches, we’ll be doing this amazing reader activity from the ever-talented, Tracy!

And I’m loving these fun FREEBIES from Jamie (2nd Grade Stuff)

Fix the Spider Web Sentences - Creepy ELA Center {FREEBIE}

and Once Upon a Classroom

Halloween Contractions - The Costume Parade Reader FREEBie!
Click the pictures to check them out!

As you can see, we’ll be busy, busy, busy.  I have to keep them in line somehow, right?

If you’re still looking for a few spooktacular activities yourself, I’ve put all my Halloween units on sale through Halloween!  Click the image below to get your shop on!

Hallo Sale

Because the Fall Passages aren’t classified as a Halloween item you’ll have to search my store separately for them, or click here!

Wishing you a fun (and hopefully not too insane) Halloween Week!


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