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Tuesday, August 14, 2012

A quick little post and a picture from Halle's wedding! (ps..laptop is still not working)

Greetings from Elmira, NY!
Anthony was able to drive to his audit this week, so he asked me to be his co-pilot ...not sure why, I always sleep in the car!! So here I am, not working in my classroom and not able to work on my laptop! I'm typing on my iPad which I really love, but creating PDF's is tricky for me to do on a laptop. I don't think your even capable of doing them on an iPad..I am not so good with certain technology. Lucky for me I have technology savior. So I am here in New York until Friday. We are going to a drive in movie theater tonight and tomorrow we are going to Niagara Falls (the major positive of me tagging along, aside from qt with Ant). I have never been to Niagara Falls, or a drive in movie, so I am really looking forward to it. 

I just got a quick work out in, and ran to the local Kmart/Family dollar. They didn't have exactly what I needed, but I got to kill some time while Ant is at work. (Elmira is CRAZY small, everyone is extremely friendly though) I purchased some construction paper and glitter glue. I'm doing something a little differently for my birthday board this year. Guess where I got the idea? Pinterest! (the only website that makes me want to eat, drink, do crafts and work out all at once ) Birthday Board plan of action: On a piece of construction paper, I will write the day of a child's birthday. I plan on decorating the paper with glitter glue to make it pop more. On the first day of school you group the children together by birthday month holding their number and take their picture. After developing their pictures you hang them under their particular month. I'm pretty excited about it.. School doesn't start til the 4th of September so I won't have a picture for a few weeks. I will post some of the numbers when they are completed. 

Thats my main project for today due to the stores not having what i need. No biggie, it would just be more for me to lug home! A few things I plan on purchasing are ice cube trays( for math game: pinterest to come when finished), clothespins ( hot glue push pins to the back of the clothes pins, makes it easy for hanging up students artwork and switching it out) photo albums( put flash cards inside and have students use dry erase to solve! You can even make your own problems and slide them in!) 

Aside from all things, my fabulous friend and outstanding grade partner had a gorgeous wedding! She looked absolutely stunning and I've never seen a more glowing bride! Congratulations again Hale and Dave! We were so happy to attend your special day! She is taking the red eye home and will be home tomorrow! And probably blogging as soon as she gets home! That's all for me right now! I'll post tomorrow from Niagara Falls. Below is a picture of Halle and our other grade partner on Halle's special day! I am on the right. Didn't she look fabulous ? Talk to you soon


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