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Friday, August 24, 2012

Catching Up on Teacher Week: My Tuesday-Friday Posts! {including my freebie}

I don't know how some of you do it.  We haven't even started school yet, and I've been too beat to post anything!  I forgot how busy I get during the school year!  I've been hard at work setting up my room all week long.  I thought I'd finish by today, but I'm still gonna need at least one more {extremely long} day to finish it.  Seriously, Monday we're allowed to stay until 11pm.  I just might do it.

So, I fell behind during Teacher Week, but I am determined to still take part.  So I present to you my version of Teacher Week: Tuesday-Friday in ONE DAY!!! Ta-Da!!!!

TUESDAY: My Technology Tip:

1} Shutterfly Share Sites

I use Shutterfly's Share Sites as my classroom website during the school year.  I love it because I can post pictures {that parents can order directly from Shutterfly if they'd like}, send group emails, and write our weekly review all from the same spot.  It's password protected, and you even have the option of allowing parents to post or add photos themselves.  Post important dates to the calendar, and send out last minute reminders.  It is so user friendly. I have tested my fair share of websites in order to find one that works best for my students and parents, and this is it.  Try it out if you're looking to start up a website.

WEDNESDAY: Where I Teach:

Didn't you hear?  My room's not ready yet.  Here are some pictures of what I've been working on.
PS: I teach in New Jersey, but nowhere near Snookie. 

I managed to put my best friends up on a bulletin board.  yes, the trim matches the paper.  Yes, I'm changing it. Long story.

I'm organizing my books using Reagan's classroom library labels.  It's taking forever, but I'm really looking forward to having more specific bins for my kids.  My labels were too broad in the past.

It has a looooong way to go.

My popcorn word wall from The Teacher Wife

THURSDAY: My Therapies :)

1. Georgie, Comfort Food, Wine and My Hubby. Not necessarily in that order ;)
I'm fully aware of how adorable she is.  So is she.
Cheeseburgers. Love.

Lava Vine was our favorite winery on our honeymoon. Check it out.

Isn't he so handsome?
FRIDAY: Freebie!

And for reading all of that, I present you with my freebie!  It's a clip chart I made for my room.  It's really cute and polka-dotty.  I hope you can use it!  Click here to grab it.

Have a good weekend everyone!



  1. Thanks for the freebie:) I am your mewest follower.

    The Resourceful Apple

  2. Thanks for the freebie!! I always love finding fellow 2nd grade teachers. I am your newest follower. I would love for you to stop by my blog for a visit!!!

  3. Love your little doggie! So cute!!!! I just started following you. :)

    Krazy About Kiddos


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