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Saturday, February 2, 2013

You May Have Heard There’s Gonna Be a SALE!!!

So it’s no secret there’s a sale a comin’ tomorrow.  A SUPER SALE!!

I managed to finish a few units just in time for you to grab them for a cool 28% off…

Wanna see?  Of course you do!


{Click the picture to grab it}

I’ve been a fan of “The Day It Rained Hearts” for a while now.  It is such a sweet, sweet book.  Super simple concept, super loving message.  I got the itch to make a little something to go with it last year, but I just finally got around to it just now.



I came up with an umbrella raining hearts…I know, how on earth did I come up with that?!!  What I love about this craft is that I can use it now with the book, and again in the spring because it has a definite spring vibe going on.  We’ll be using our umbrellas to cover parts of speech next week, but the possibilities are endless!  You could do spelling words, rhyming words, hearts for family members…whatever your little heart desires :)

This little unit is also loaded with comprehension sheets and writing papers.  It goes perfectly with the book, but it definitely works independently of it as well!

I also finished up my “Plant a Kiss” unit.  Just like “The Day It Rained Hearts” this unit goes really well with the adorable book, but it also works out all by itself.
Would you like to plant a kiss with your class?  I know I can’t wait to get this started with my little guys and gals.

{Click the picture to grab it}

Here’s a little kiss pot:



So cute, right?

Of course, to plant a kiss, you need some seeds.



We’ll be giving our seeds to our mommies and daddies for Valentine’s Day.  Mom and Dad can exchange them for a kiss or an act of kindness, or both!

This unit is also loaded with writing papers and activity sheets too.  I couldn’t help myself!
I’ve bundled both of these guys with my Mr. Hatch mini-unit, so if you’re looking to have your Valentine’s reading block covered….here you go!!!

Valentine Bundle
{Click the picture to grab it from TpT}

This unit’s been floating around my store for a little while, but I finally get to break it out with my class next week when we get to similes.  We’ll be writing about love using similes.



{Click the picture above to grab it}

I can’t wait to read their answers!

I hope you’ll check out my store when you’re shoppin’ tomorrow!  I’ve got lots of goodies :)

Have a good night!



  1. Everything you make is too cute. I need to take lessons from you! I love the umbrella activity!

    Everyone deServes to Learn

  2. Oh heavens! I love Valentine's Day and your little units are beyond adorable! Love, Love, Love that umbrella and EVERYTHING ELSE!

  3. I love these units! Currently at the top of my list.

    Krystyn Richards
    Ms. Richards's Musings


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