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Monday, January 28, 2013

What I’m Loving {Linking Up}

Now this is a fun linky.

Tessa, from Tales of Outside the Classroom has such a cute idea for a Linky Party.  I get to talk about all the people and things that make me feel warm and fuzzy inside.
Without further ado…

WHO I Love:


{Swoon Over It Photography}

Are you sick of my wedding photos yet?  Because I’m not!!!  I love my husband.  I wrote all sorts of braggy stuff about him here, if you’re interested :)

                                               {Swoon Over It Photography}

This cutie.  Georgie makes every day better.

And in BLOG-RELATED news, I love these gals:

Reagan is hands-down the sweetest blogger out there.  {And I love Amy & Cara too…must be a Texas thing}.  She was so, so, so helpful and generous when we hosted our first giveaway, even though we were just this teeny tiny {and we still are, relatively} little blog.  I love all of her stuff, and I try to snag up everything she makes that is even semi grade-level appropriate for my classroom.  Her classroom library labels saved my sanity in August, and we gobbled up her spider unit in October.  Plus, she’s funny and SUPER CREATIVE! 

My Button!

Maria is the ESL teacher at our school and she is so creative and wonderful.  She is so patient with her students {and clearly loves and cares very much for them}, and every time I have a question about anything really, she always offers sound advice.  Plus, she bakes treats and donates them to the Teacher’s Lunge on a regular basis ;)…she just started a blog and a TpT shop.  Make sure to check them both out!


It’s Girl Scout Cookie Season!!!  I’m all about the Caramel Delights, and lucky me, I have a girl scout in my class.  {PS: You totally have to click the cookie above, and read up on all the fascinating Girl Scout Cookie Statistics…lots of infographics…I love infographics!}

My husband does NOT love that I love these yummy oatmeals.  At $1.50 or so a pop, they’re a lot more expensive than a packet of oatmeal, but they have me eating breakfast on a daily basis, and they’re much more filling than a packet is.  Love the Apple Cinnamon flavor with cranberries and walnuts.

I love Intuition razors because I’m lazy when it comes to shaving.  It really is that simple.  I don’t know if I could ever go back to shaving gel.  Ever!

Love LettersSlide1Slide1Plant a KissThe Day It Rained Hearts

Apparently, I REALLY LOVE making Valentine’s Day products!!  You can grab the top 3 by clicking their pictures.  “Plant a Kiss” and “The Day It Rained Hearts” are almost done!!

I’m also LOVING my new camera!!!  It’s a Canon Rebel T3i

I LOVE Philly.  I love that I’m a 5 minute drive from some of the most amazingly fun bars, yummiest restaurants, and quirky shops and people.  Philly rocks.

There are a TON more people I love, and a MILLION more things I love, but that’s for another time {next year, maybe?}

Thanks for reading!  Please go link up with Tessa so I can get some new ideas for things and people to love!

Have a good night :)



  1. Love the wedding pic. And don't even get me started on Girl Scout Cookies... I could eat the whole box in one sitting.

    The REAL Teachers of Orange County

  2. Love your wedding photo! I have the same camera :)

  3. So cool that you're a Philadelphia area teacher! I had no idea and I've been following along with your blog for awhile now. I teach third grade in the city :)

    Side note: Have you ever heard of PhilaSoup? It's an organization that holds monthly dinners for teachers to raise microgrants for teachers in the Philadelphia area. We network and celebrate teachers and give them a space to share ideas and connect. If you're interested I can send you more info (I sit on the board of directors for the organization and we're always looking to branch out to teachers in new schools!)

  4. Too funny about the razors! Thanks for the shout-out. You're too sweet- I'm so glad we work together! I'm excited to see your Plant a Kiss activity!

    Everyone deServes to Learn

  5. Your wedding photos are gorgeous! Love the puppy. And caramel delights are my absolute favorite cookie of all time!

    Sara :)
    Smiling In Second Grade

  6. Agreed! Those are the best cookies ever!! I get a bunch and freeze them so I can eat them for many months. Ha!

    I just got a DSLR too and was deciding between a Canon and a Nikon. I got the Nikon.......still trying to figure out how to shoot manual.

    Leap In To Learn

  7. I love, love, love the Day it Rained Hearts. I cannot wait to see what you come up with! I finally ordered my own copy of the book and plan to use it this month. Can't wait, Halle!

    Primarily Speaking

  8. Love the products, so cute! Thanks for sharing!

  9. Such fun to read this post! Your wedding pic is just gorgeous!!! Keep'm coming!
    Hope you have had a chance to enter my big giveaway!
    Smiles - Lisa
    Growing Firsties is giving away Erin Condren and LOTS more!

  10. Thanks so much for linking up! Sorry it took so long to check in with everyone!


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