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Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Saying Goodbye to Our Student Teacher

I’ve mentioned a few times on here that our little classroom was blessed with an incredible student teacher this year.  Miss T, as we’ll call her, was with us since September as part of her graduate student teaching program.  I felt so lucky to have such a creative and like-minded person essentially team-teaching with me almost all year long.
So, when it was time to bid Miss T good-bye last week we wanted to make sure we made it extra special.  I had lots of help from my wonderful room moms and of course all of our kiddos.

going away

{from Miss T's instagram}

Miss T was out one day about 2 weeks before her experience ended for a mandatory job fair put on by her college.  We took advantage of that day to make her a scrap book.  I gave each student 3 pieces of paper.  One was to draw Miss T {we spent lots of time describing her and talking about accurate drawings}, another was to write down some advice for when Miss T has her own class, and the third was to write a letter to Miss T.  I encouraged them to thank her and wish her good luck or to share a favorite memory, but overall I left it largely up to them.  That day I collected their papers and took them home to assemble a scrap book for Miss T.


{edited from Miss T's instagram}

About a month ago another teacher {can’t remember who…sorry!!} posted a picture of an item she liked on Etsy.  It was a quote about teaching and hidden within the quote were the names of the teacher’s students.  I decided to give it a shot for Miss T.  I found a quote I liked, came up with a layout and inserted each student's name into the text.


{can you see their little names?}

Love it!  Is it wrong to print one up for my own desk?

After Miss T opened her gifts we chowed down!  Once of my room moms had the idea of a finger food party {can we say “best idea ever!!!!!!”?}.  We munched on Chik-Fil-A nuggets, pulled pork sliders, cocktail wieners {hehehe}, chips and cheese, and fruit.  So darn good!

For dessert my head room mom had the cutest sugar cookies made.  We almost didn’t eat them…almost!


Adorable, right?!!!!

Of course we took about a zillion pictures that I wish I could show you!

It’s been a very weird week without our Miss T but I'll be calling her in for reinforcement we’ll be seeing her for our field trip in a few short weeks! 

Have you ever had an awesome student teacher?  How did you send him/her off?  I’m always looking for new ideas!

Have a good night!

PS: I HAVE to mention that she got me the best cooperating teacher present EVER! A Pandora bracelet! I've been wanting one forever and the Mr. hadn't picked up on my subtle hints I guess.  I am LOVING it! I'll post a picture soon!


  1. Student teachers are the BEST!!! I had one last year and we are still in contact. We have become such good friends and I was so blessed to have her! It's hard to get back into the swing of not having an extra set of hands with you 24/7 though!

    Flying High in First Grade

  2. I have had many student teachers over the years. We had a special party for the latest just last week. I love a good party and we had a popcorn bar and drinks. She had been with us this whole semester and the kids really liked her. We made her a book to give her advice to what she should make sure she does with her new class and what we will remember most about her. The kids also brought in items all new teachers should have like hall passes, pencils, books, etc.

  3. She was so great! You really threw her an awesome going away party- those cookies look fantastic. And no, I don't think it's wrong to print up one of those signs, in fact I want one for my own desk with all my kids' names on it!

    Everyone deServes to Learn

  4. I STILL miss the student teacher I had a couple years ago. She spent 2 years total with me for internships and student teaching. Our big going away present was a quilt made with her universities colors and favorite team. Each square had a students handprint and name on it. It was beautiful!

    My Life With a Boy

  5. I have had a student teacher, but if she saw this, she would most likely have wished for YOU as her master teacher! This is amazing, and I really like the framed print you made; it's all amazing!! Can I be your student teacher? Hehe.

    Primarily Speaking


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