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Saturday, August 17, 2013

Best & Most Linky!!

So are you ready to shop or what?!? I know I am…I’m one of the “lucky” ones who doesn’t start school until after Labor Day, so I’ve been loading up my cart in anticipation of TpT’s most rockin’ sale. Don’t get me wrong…I bought plenty over the summer too ;)

To celebrate the sale and showcase some of our best products, Christina Bainbridge came up with one of the most creative ideas! I just love it!  We get to show you are best and most awesome products “yearbook style”.

Did you win any Senior Awards? I did. I was totally going to take a picture of my yearbook but it’s packed in anticipation for the move this week. Darnit.

I won cutest face, nicest eyes, and wittiest.

2 things made these awards very possible:

1} There were only 91 other seniors competing for the same award.
2} My best friends were on Yearbook Committee.

It’s safe to say I wouldn’t have captured those awards if I went to a much larger high school. But still, they were fun to win and I remind my husband often that he’s married to the girl with the most beautiful eyes :)

Without further ado…my “senior awards” for my TpT Products:
Best and Most 13
All of the products are hyperlinked to my store…just click on the picture to learn more about it.

I’ve always been longwinded {no senior award for that, though} so why stop now?  Let me explain why I chose each product:

Teacher’s Pet: MEGA Book Pack

My MEGA pack is my teacher’s pet for 2 important reasons:

One, with the exception of a teeny-tiny little Mr. Hatch unit {seriously, it was like 3 pages long} my MEGA Book Pack was my first thing in my store.  I got it up right before the TpT Back to School Sale last year.  It’s since gotten a MAJOR overhaul. Different graphics, different fonts, and new books and more activities…

Two, it really helps me set a tone for what I want my classroom to be like. I get to share my love of reading with my students and I get to do it with books and activities that are meaningful and teach valuable lessons related to school behavior, self-esteem, and kindness.  I have used these activities for years, we’re talking BTPT {Before Teachers Pay Teachers}, and now I finally have them all tied up in one neat package!

{All the book activities are also sold separately}

Most Likely to Help Your Students Succeed: Reading Passages {Common Core Aligned and BUNDLED}

This resource will take you through the whole year and it’s only going to get better and more expansive as I add editions. {You read that right…you can buy it now and get updates for free!!}  All passages are also sold separately :)

All of the passages are open-ended…no multiple choice, so students are thinking critically every time instead of just picking “c”.

The common core requires students to identify where in the book they found the information they needed to answer the question.  I use my passages for so many different things {homework, morning work, whole group}, but I use the with my lower groups to go back into the passages and highlight the words that helped them answer each question.

Hands down it is the most-used product I’ve ever made.

Cutest Couple: Communities {Interdisciplinary Unit} and Wants & Needs Mini-Unit

Teach the different types of communities? Teach wants and needs?  Both of these units will more than cover those topics and they offer so much more.  I like to use them because they’re both interdisciplinary…they cover more than just social studies…
craftivities, writing, reading.  I use them every year in my class and they’re always a huge hit.

Read more about my Communities unit here.

Read more about my Wants & Needs unit here.

And there you have it! My TpT Awards!

Happy Shopping Friends!  Click the button below to head over to my shop :)

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  1. Halle,

    I LOVE your reading comprehension passages and your Wants and Needs pack! I have been eyeing that back to school Mega Pack and it's waiting in my wishlist -- must have it!!!

    Your work is fabulous!!

  2. OOO, I love the SS! I love teaching it!

  3. I love the sound of your back to school Mega pack! I have wish listed it!
    Teaching Maths with Meaning


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