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Thursday, August 1, 2013

Favorite Things Linky {B2S Faves for the Teacher} and a MEGA BUNDLE DEAL!!!!

I am so excited my fingers are practically dancing across my keyboard {and leaving tons of typos behind!}

Why, you ask?

Well for one, my Favorite Things Linky is back with Back to School Faves for the Teacher!!!  What are your personal favorites for heading back to school? What things actually make it bearable that summer is now about 180 school-days away?  It takes a lot for me to leave my lazy summer days behind {see below}.

I am also SO STINKIN’ EXCITED to be part of a HUGE BUNDLE DEAL brought to you by some of your favorite 2nd and 3rd Grade teacher bloggers.  This is such a huge deal, so make sure you stay around after my favorites and read all about it.

Since this post is gonna be pretty major let’s get down to business.

My Back to School Favorites {{for the teacher}}:

I am in love with my new dabney lee planner.  It’s big enough that I can actually read what I write, but it still fits in a big purse or teacher bag.  I plan on leaving it out on my desk like a desk calendar and using it to write more detailed lesson plans for certain activities.  I grabbed it at Target. I know a lot of bloggers were talking about not being able to find them but they were still at my Target the last time I was there! Woop Woop!


Speaking of Target…I really cannot live without this place come Back to School time.  Whether it’s the dollar spot, coloring supplies, adorable office stuff…or just plain cute stuff, Target is my #1 favorite store.


Coffee is a definite must as I start off the school year. My body is pretty much in shock through October from waking up before the sun.  I drink coffee all year long but it holds a special place in my heart during all of the Back to School madness. Oh, and I totally bought this mug on our OBX vacation.  I spent waaaay too much on it but I had to have it.  {{SLIGHT obsession with owls}}. I’m trying to decide if I’ll get more bang for my buck by using it for coffee every morning or to hold pens on my desk. Thoughts?

flair pens

I love me some Flair pens. I use them for grading, writing notes, writing in my planner, and most importantly…doodling during staff meetings.


I became a Tervis fan this summer when I bought one for our shore vacation.  My mouth and throat get really dry at the beginning of the year because I’m not used to doing so much talking…so I always need water nearby!  {{Plus I get thirsty. A lot.}}


We have to wear our IDs and have our room keys on us at all times. Usually I moan and groan about the ugly, obtrusive “necklace” I have to wear around my neck. Not this year! This year my obtrusive necklace will be stylish with my uber-cute new Vera Bradley lanyard!


Last but not least, I need a good teacher bag for Back to School. I currently use a 31 Large Utility Tote {not the one above}. I love it because it stays upright so I can see everything inside of it…and at the beginning of the year it’s really effective because I’m carrying so much stuff to my classroom.  I do need a new everyday teacher bag though. Something less cumbersome with more compartments. Suggestions?

Favorite Graphic

And there you have my Back to School Favorites {{for the teacher}}.  I hope you’ll link up with yours! The Linky stays open for awhile, so if you can’t get to it right away…no worries!  Link up later this week!

And now for some exciting news!!

graphics from From the Pond, Moffatt Girls, and Cara Carroll

I am so happy to be part of a group of fabulous 2/3 bloggers who have put together an AMAZING bundle for Educents! Click the picture above to check it out!

Okay, so here's the deal...

For $30, you get all this {valued at $201 on TpT}! And if you sign up for Educents, you get it for $25, which is what I did, of course.

Yes I bought it.

Have you seen this thing?!?!

Would you like a $5 credit for Educents?  Simply click the button below to sign up!

I guess you better get busy linking up and shopping {{not necessarily in that order, I suppose!}}

Have a great Thursday friends :)



  1. I have the planner, too and love it! I just wish it was not a floppy....alas. Also, the flair pens are so festive! Great suggestions :)

    The Brown-Bag Teacher

  2. I just got one of those Vera Bradley chain lanyards for this year... actually, I got TWO! Love them! Enjoy your last few days of summer!!!

    EduKate and Inspire

  3. I like that lanyard...I really should ditch the Cavs one, huh? It totally clashes with my necklaces. Debating about the educents deal...I don't know if I can handle all that amazing-ness!

    Everyone deServes to Learn

  4. I have to check out those planners. I am super curious now.
    My Second Sense

  5. I also have a 31 large utility tote for school stuff, but for my everyday bag, I have a 31 organizing utility tote, which has lots of outside pockets, plus, you can get a 31 pocket-a-tote, which is an extra little zip pouch that can be attached to any 31 bag with grommets and give you one extra pocket to put things in. Hopefully this helps!


  6. I use the 31 organizing utility tote fro my day-to-day carrying...tons of outside pockets that holds everything, it's a really good bag! The bundle is AMAZING! I have been eyeing your boot camp packet for weeks, so it was one of the main reasons I bought it! I cannot thank all of you fabulous teachers enough for it!!! Happy August!

  7. OOPS...meant the guided reading detective! Teacher brain! :)

  8. I highly recommend the Vera Computer Zip case-- I bought it last year in an attempt to stop myself from toting things back and forth to school and doing nothing with it. It holds my laptop, iPad, and a folder or two with papers to grade! It has made me get more work done at school and spend more time with my two littles.


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