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Friday, July 18, 2014

Five for Friday: July 18, 2014

It's Friday! And thanks to DoodleBugs, that means I get to share 5 random things with you! So fun!

1} I am totally soaking up summer.  That used to mean margaritas and sushi dates, but since I'm sporting a serious baby bump these days, it now means reading in the hammock, walking the dog, and sleeping in.  It's been wonderful, but I would still kill for a margarita on the rocks with salt!

2} I've also been baking. A LOT. Is that a sign of nesting?  Because truth be told, my hubby doesn't have too much of a sweet tooth and I haven't had any special occasions to bake for, but I keep doing it anyways.  I made this delicious blueberry crostata.  In fact, I made two {see what I mean?}.  I used the recipe from this site.

Next on the list, homemade cinnamon rolls. You know, for the two of us :)

3} I'm on a creating frenzy. I spend about as much time at my computer as my rib cage will allow. Seriously, I love being pregnant and I consider myself to have had a pretty easy pregnancy for the last 20 weeks or so, but the pain in my rib cage is no joke!

I finished, and uploaded, Oodles and Noodles of Nouns!  This unit was a real labor of love!  You can read tons about it here!  If you're a fan on Facebook, you had a chance at winning this unit before I uploaded it.  Not a fan? Make sure you are! You never know when my next FB giveaway will be!

Oodles has spawned two "siblings" that are currently in the works...

4} In the "Baby World", we've painted the nursery, finally!  We also have our crib, mobile, rug, and random decorative elements.  Our overpriced glider should arrive sometime next month.  My mom is making the crib skirt and I am working on some bunting.  (Maybe I have a Monday Made-It in my future?!)

our mobile

our crib

Our nursery is Sherwin Williams "Lighter Mint". I tried to upload a picture, but the color keeps darkening once I save it to my computer.


What I'm really struggling with is nursery art. I absolutely love a sign I found on Etsy, but I cannot justify spending over $150 on the specific piece I fell in love with. I think I'll have to keep searching!

5} This girl got her summer cut!  She was really furry before her cut, so she had to get a major buzz this time around. She looks like a completely different dog!

Not the best pictures, but you get the idea!

Those are "My 5"!!  Now go link up with Doodle Bugs and share yours!



  1. That crostada looks amazing! Glad you're having such a great summer. I can't wait to see how the crib skirt and bunting turn out!


  2. My dog got a hair cut this week too! It must have been the week for new doggie do's! Your blog is just so cute! Congratulations on the baby! The mobile is too cute!
    Taking on Second

  3. Crazy love that mobile! So happy you're sucking up summer and beating away. Next to not needing an excuse to take a nap any time you want it's the best part of being pregnant!

    Teaching with Hope

  4. My husband is the same...doesn't like sweet stuff... so if I make some cookies then I eat every single one myself: not a good plan! But that blueberry crostata looks amazing and I wish I could come over when you make cinnamon rolls!!

    Crayons and Whimsy

  5. So glad you're having a smooth (as "smooth" as on can be!) pregnancy! Enjoy your summer!
    Are you planning on bundling those 3 packs? It's on my list to purchase when/if you do!
    Your nursery mobile is so sweet- love the mobile. :)
    Selling the Sizzle

  6. That blueberry crosta looks delicious!!


  7. I love the mobile and crib! I'll have a margarita for you! ;)
    Livin’ the Third Grade Dream

  8. I can only imagine how adorable that nursery is, Halle! That dessert you baked looks super yummy. I hope you are enjoying every moment of your summer!

    Primarily Speaking


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