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Thursday, July 17, 2014

Oodles and Noodles of Nouns is Here and ON SALE!!

I am so happy I finally get to say, "Oodles and Noodles of Nouns is HERE!"

I thought I started working on this unit in December 2013, which was forever ago.  I was wrong. I started working on this unit in September 2013 which was FOREVERRRR ago!

I really did implement this unit as I went, and since it covers every single type of noun we cover in 2nd grade (and we cover A LOT of nouns), it really did take me a long time, but for good reason, and I am so happy with the end result.

"Oodles" covers common, proper, plural, possessive, collective nouns, and pronouns. Say that 5 times fast! Phew!

The bulk of the unit uses the "Noun Cards" which are found on the first 11 or so pages of the product.

The noun cards could be used in centers or small groups.  Or you could use them like I did, in a "Hallway Hunt" or "Read the Room" activity.

Can you spy the two noun cards in this picture?

The noun cards are very versatile.  You can use many of them for many different types of noun activities.

And there are posters.  There have to be posters!

Besides the noun card pages and posters, you'll also find what I refer to as extension sheets.  These sheets do not use the noun cards. I used them after introducing and reinforcing each type of noun with the noun cards.  They would make great assessments as well.

There are pages in the extension sheets that can be used in Interactive Notebooks or on construction paper.  Let's keep those kiddos engaged!

Each type of noun is grouped together to make it easy to locate whatever you need in the product.  At the end of the unit are printables that cover all the types of nouns covered in the product.

I can honestly say that this unit changed the way I taught nouns this year.  I was able to truly engage my students by getting them up and moving, and reinforcing skills through the extension sheets.  We used the noun cards so often that, before long, students were asking if we were going to use the noun cards every time I introduced a new type of noun!

This product was so successful for me, and I hope for you, that it's spawned two other products I'm currently working on...

They will have the same general idea of using cards and printables, but since they're a work in progress at this point, who knows what direction they'll head in!

My Oodles and Noodles of Nouns is on SALE for 25% off TODAY ONLY, so grab it at a discounted price while you can! If you do purchase it, please let me know what you think of it. I hope your students love it as much as mine did!

Grab it here!



  1. This looks absolutely amazing friend!!! :)


  2. My kids will love this! Awesome!

  3. Added to my wish list…I missed the sale and need to wait until pay day. Oh yes! Thanks for this!
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