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Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Summer of Fun Starts Today with a Flash Freebie

If you've followed me awhile you know that I like to have a little fun during the summer.

Okay. A lot of fun! One of the ways I do so is by running a Summer of Fun "promotion" throughout July. I do giveaways, deals, flash freebies, forever freebies, etc. etc. etc.

Well, it's July 1st and Summer of Fun starts TODAY...but you gotta be quick!

The first deal I'm doing is a flash freebie. You can grab my newest product "Did You Know?" for free for TODAY ONLY!

Did You Know: Schools Around the World features 10 fun and interesting facts about schools and students around the world accompanied by a photograph for the fact. Each card also has a reflection question for students to discuss verbally or respond to in writing.

These cards would be perfect at a writing center, but they're also perfect as extension activities for your own Schools Around the World unit. Use them at the end of a lesson and have a class discussion, during morning meeting, or even in line on the way to your special!

Schools Around the World is the first set of these cards, but I plan on making many more! Click the picture below to grab them from TpT.

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  1. Thank you for sharing. I am going to pass this onto a teaching friend to add to her unit in social studies. They study 4 countries around the world and compare those to their own life in a variety of aspects to become more globally aware. This works into that theme well!

  2. These look awesome. I'm not at home near my computer until Friday. I'm using my iPad and going to try to download it to my Dropbox. I'm crossing my fingers that this will work.
    Thank you very much!

  3. I LOVE this freebie! I'm so fascinated by schools around the world! It would make an amazing field trip some day. Thank you!

  4. We did the first one in summer school today. The kids were so excited to think of classes they would like to take. Most popular: video games and magic!


  5. My friend and I LOVE these. We were worried that you were not going to make more. We are very excited. Thanks!


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