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Friday, July 10, 2015

the Growing Main Idea Bundle is here: Win It!!

I finally took the leap and posted the growing bundle for my main idea resources!! Have no idea what I'm talking about when I say "main idea resources"? Allow me to show you...

Since December, I've been releasing monthly main idea units. Each mini-unit features posters, 6 original passages to be printed and laminated and/or displayed on a projector, cut and paste worksheets {2 versions for differentiation}, and passages and printables to be used in interactive notebooks, or again, for differentiation.

I created this resource to introduce main idea to my students and it worked so well that I decided to make it a monthly product to use for review and reinforcement. We started in October, and by February, I was using the resource solely in literacy centers because my kiddos were just that good ;)

Here's a few snapshots:

This is a preview of the posters that you can print or project.

Here's an example of one of the printables in the pack used in an interactive-notebook. You could also print the sheet on regular ol' paper and have the students fill out the squares like worksheet-style.

This printable also includes an "Extra Time" section at the bottom. PERFECT for early-finishers. The Extra Time box has students perform an extra task involved with the story they just read: making a text-to-self connection, writing sentence or paragraphs, illustrations, lists, and even comic strips!

See below:

My students loved the Extra Time options and offered work hard to afford themselves time to work on it. I was teaching my students time management without even knowing!

Cut and Paste printables make-up yet another part of the product. There are two options for these guys as well. The option pictured above has students finding and writing their own main idea and supporting details.

The other option has the main idea and details already listed and students have to decide which is which, and then paste them in the appropriate spot.

Easy differentiation!

Now that I have your attention, you may be wondering...

So, how does a GROWING bundle work?

You will pay a hugely discounted fee up-front to receive all finished Main Idea mini-units. Currently, December-August are completed and included in the bundle. August-November, as well as non-fiction, will be added by January 15, 2016. The calendar below is included in the bundled download:

August is now included! And a week early at that!
The price for all units purchased separately would be $44. The bundled price will be $36. The GROWING BUNDLE price is starting at $26, and will grow each time I add to the bundle.

To purchase the growing bundle, click the picture below. 

If you have already purchased multiple copies of "What's the Main Idea", but you are interested in the discounted bundle please email me {}, so we can work something out! You can also email me with any questions or clarifications!

I really, truly believe this bundle is such a great investment to keep your students on track with main idea. They love the seasonal passages, and once I made this a center, they were IN LOVE!

Want to win the growing bundle as part of my Summer of Fun giveaway? You have to be fast! Enter below using Rafflecopter:

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  1. I would use these during small group time. I love that these are the perfect way to keep reinforcing this skill throughout the year.

  2. I would use this awesome resource during whole group/small group instruction, as well as formative assessments.

  3. What an awesome giveaway! I would use these in small groups, reading centers - such a great review activity as the year progresses. I also LOVE the extra time activity which are perfect for those early finishers :)


  4. I teach students with Autism and they have such a difficult time creating main idea sentences, so I would use these to increase their understanding of main idea sentences which will hopefully lead to them creating their own.

  5. I would use this bundle to differentiate whole group and small group instruction.

  6. I would love to use these in my classroom. Main idea is such an important concepts. I would use them in small groups and as follow up after guided reading.

  7. This looks like a great reading resource! I think I would use this during small group time. I love how it is differentiated and has many different activities included.

  8. I love your Main Idea packs.

  9. I would use these passages during my guided reading time! :)

  10. This looks like a fantastic product. I would like to use this as one of my centers.

  11. I really love all your interactive goodies! Will you be having a fall bundle for sentence scramblers?

  12. This would be so helpful...we have to write a research report at our grade level and it is so hard for some students to keep only one idea in each paragraph...using this bundle all year long would make it so much easier!

  13. Pinned it here:

  14. I think I would start off with whole group and then make this a Literacy Center. This looks great, and I can tell you put a tremendous amount of time into this - well done!

  15. I've used your Main Ideas before. (A sample maybe? This past spring?) Students LOVE them! I'm aiming for better organized centers this year. These are great in small group and independent work.

  16. This is awesome. I would use this as a center for some, and small group for others!


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