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Sunday, October 28, 2012

A Hurricane's a Comin... So here's a FREEBIE

Happy {almost} Halloween! Things couldn't be any more normal over here in the tri-state area! As I am sure you have heard, we are expected to get hit with a MAJOR storm...Sandy is making her way with heavy winds and lots of rain. The past few days have been filled with panic and anxiety...Ant and I just went to the store to get bread, we are lucky we made it out alive. It was an absolute nut house! Not to mention, Ant isn't too concerned...I think it must be a man thing because most significant others and husbands  of my friends do not seem to be too worried about the storm. I, however, am very anxious. We are staying at our apartment in the city tonight and contemplating heading to Jersey very early tomorrow morning. My parents and grandparents are all at my about a family fun filled day! (Can't forget my little Kaimana!) I am worried because where we live is surrounded by lots of trees. I almost feel safer in the city, but knowing my family could be in danger makes me want to be there with them.

            We just got notice that school is cancelled tomorrow, School cancelled for weather reasons ultimately leads into an extremely crazy week with the kids eeekkkkk! Oh, and how could we's HALLOWEEN week! If we do go back Tuesday, I am sure they will be insane! Before all of this madness began I created a Halloween noun sort. I am posting it here FREE! Considering we don't have a colored printer at school, I only printed two copies. I had the students work in pairs to complete the noun sort. On Friday we have Free Choice, so I had them complete it then this way they were not missing any major work. They seemed to love it and were extremely engaged! ENJOY! Please feel free to leave any feedback! Have a great Sunday and Halle and I will keep you all posted on how we are surviving the storm!

- Jenna


  1. Be safe with that storm!! I am your newest follower, and a new 2nd grade blogger! I love your ideas together, I think it's really neat! Take care!!
    Amy Howbert

    Little Miss Organized

  2. Thanks so much! Have a great week- stay safe!


  3. Thanks a bunch for this freebie! We only have 2 classroom days this week (Field trip and conferences) and I was trying to find fun review activities for my 2nd graders. This is perfect!

    The Lower Elementary Cottage

  4. Stay safe!!! :) Thanks for this great freebie!!

    Second Grade Sparkle

  5. Glad you like it ladies :) Thanks for the well wishes for the storm to come. The beaches are getting hit hard and its extremely upsetting. We will keep you posted on the next few hours and days to come! ( Maybe all this time inside will inspire me and give me some new ideas!)


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