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Wednesday, October 10, 2012

“Words I Find When I Read” Freebie

I’m back with another freebie for you!!


We’re full force into Book Box shopping and Read to Self in my classroom now.  And since my kiddos love, love, love to read now, they’re always stopping to show me a spelling word they found in their books, or a popcorn word {high frequency words}, or their name, or their friend's name,or the word teacher.

{Note: This is NOT during Daily 5.  They know to read the whooooole time.  This is when they read if they finish early or right after recess, times I don’t consider Daily 5}

So, to save me some sanity, and save them some time, I whipped up these little “While I Read” books.  Now they record all the words they find instead of skipping up to my desk with yet another Henry and Mudge book!

The books are designed to take a little while to complete, and I told my kiddos that once it’s filled they can turn it in, and I’ll get them a new one as long as all their words are correct! 

We also had a talk about reading, and recording a word if we "stumble upon it", as opposed to just looking for words in their books.  

They keep them in their book boxes, along with their Poetry Folders {which they can also use to fill their books}.

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Easy Peasy.

Click the pictures below to grab it from our TpT shop {in color and black and white}!




Have a good night!


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