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Sunday, October 21, 2012

Naming and Telling Freebies


Happy Sunday!

We’ve been working on sentences for the past month or so in our 2nd Grade classroom.  We’ve covered capitals and ending marks, and all the different types of sentences with great success.  However, the whole naming and telling portion of sentences had my kiddos all sorts of mixed up.

Naming and Telling is 2nd Grade speak for Subject and Predicate for all you fancy folk.

For some extra practice, I took a bunch of sentence strips and wrote various naming and telling parts on each one.

photo (68)

I just grabbed strips.  They weren’t color coded for the most part {even though it looks like it here}. I thought color coded would be too easy.

photo (69)

I made a “correct” match for each sentence, but I also anticipated {and hoped for} some super silly sentences to be built once the students walked around and found their naming or telling partner.  The silly sentences were 10 times more engaging for them, and they still were exposed to the concept.  WIN! WIN!

photo (71)-001

I handed out the sentence strips face down.  Students flipped them over, read them, and decided whether they had the naming or telling portion of a sentence.  Then they set out to find their mate ;)

photo (70)-001

Once everyone partnered up, each pair read their sentence, and giggles ensued. We did about 5 rounds and it didn’t even get old! Imagine that!

I followed up the sentence strip activity with a partner worksheet.  I had my students who definitely “got it” fill out the telling portion, and my guys who were still struggling were assigned the naming part.  Then we switched papers and completed our sentences.  You can grab the printables below if they would help your class.

Click HERE to grab them!

I strongly suggest the sentence strip activity first.  If only for a few giggles.

And you know I love *notes*, so leave me one or two if you find this activity useful!

Have a good night everyone :)



  1. Thanks for the freebie! Silly sentences are way more fun than correct sentences!

    Success in Second Grade

  2. OOh Adorable! I have only 15 minutes in my schedule a week, so it is a huge challenge to make those lessons stick with students in a short time. I think this lesson is perfect!!!!! Thank you so much for sharing!


  4. Cute! Love the idea of the silly sentences!!!!
    We have Boo'd you and would love it if you would stop by and check out the details! As part of this boo you get to pick an item from our TPT store!!!
    Katie & Lisen :)
    Second Grade Smartypants

  5. Hello, I just found your great idea for Subjects and Predicates and I would like to download the activity above but when I click on it, it won't let me download it, is there something else I need to do, thanks :)

  6. I would LOVE to download your printables for your naming and telling sentences. I cannot seem to find the link to do it. Would you be willing to email it to me? Thank you!!! ADORE the idea and we are doing this next week!!

  7. I, too, am unable to get the printables to download. Is there some way a link can be put on your blog to bring us to the worksheet? I love the activity and plan to do it later this week. Thanks!

    1. Lisa, I don't have your email! I edited the post, you should be able to grab it from the link above now.

  8. I was working on 2nd Grade English with my daughter last night. Why does the SUBJECT portion of a sentence now need to be called the "Naming Part?" As she and I were discussing it she kept saying the "Naming" part is the person's name and it is always capitalized. My older sons in the background yelled out - "There is no naming part, it is the subject, what are you talking about?" Just curious about what the benefit is to teach one verbiage now and then switch it later? (no criticism of you, I'm just confused and don't know where to go for answers.)


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