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Thursday, January 17, 2013

100th Day Ideas

Hello there!

We’re still a little ways from our 100th Day of School, but I know many of you are coming up on the BIG DAY!

Here are a couple of ideas that I’ve either found online, or that we’ve used in our 2nd Grade Classrooms.  Hopefully you’ll find something new to make the 100th day special for your kiddos :)

{PS: I’ve saved my favorite for LAST!}

I love the idea of this adorable shirt.  This little lady obviously has a pretty crafty momma, but I can see making this a class project: Have students bring in a plain shirt and decorate with tallies…or…any combination of 100!

I love the idea of creating a list of 100 things about school.  The picture above had students write 100 reasons why they loved their school.  The final product is adorable!  My first year teaching {3rd grade}, we wrote down 100 memories we’d had so far.  It turned out so cute! Those were my pre-blogging days, so no pictures…but trust me, creating a list of anything school related is fun for students and teachers!

100th Day of School - classroom entrance
{I pinned this image.  When I click it to go to the original source, Pinterest blocks me}

Love, love, love this 100th Day Banner!  So doing it this year!

This is a 100th Day themed lunch.  Can you say “Super Mom”?  Maybe you could ask parent volunteers to make different 100 shaped foods or make them with your class.  Or, you could just admire this picture {that’s my plan}.

Speaking of food…how cah-uuute are these cookies? Both blogs that these pictures come from {click source to head there} provide directions for how to make these yummy treats.  Fran, of Kindergarten Crayons had the original idea {bottom pic}, but I don’t think mine could ever turn out that perfect!  This idea is on my “Hopefully, Maybe 100th Day To-Do List”.

I saw this image like literally the day AFTER our 100th Day last year.  I’ve had it on my 100th day list every since.  I think this looks so fun, and there’s a a real educational element to it.  So doing it.  {Check out the whole blog for lots of fun ideas!}

I’ve saved my favorite, “We’re Most Definitely Doing This On Our 100th Day!!!!” idea for last!

Last year we had students dress up like they were 100 on the Hundredth Day.  It was a riot.  Some of their parents these kids got so in to it.  I really, really, really wish I could show you their pictures!  One of my sweeties carried around a purse full of mints, and she sprayed her grandma’s perfume all over.  It was perfect.  Kids had walkers, canes, knitting needles.  It was too much!

I can, however, show you a picture of Jenna and I {with our grade partner, Erica} dressed up like an older version of ourselves :)

For your viewing pleasure:

{L-R: Old Halle, Old Erica, Old Jenna}

You totally need to do this if your principal is on board!

I hope I was able to give you a few new ideas for 100th Day!  Can’t wait to see your pics of the big day!



  1. Love the picture!! Today was the 100th day at our school and sadly my first time not celebrating :( I moved from first to third grade this year. I love third grade but sure missed the 100th day celebration!!!

    Pencils, Books, and Dirty Looks

  2. OMG, the shirt is TOO cute!! I absolutely love your picture, you're all so adorable. That walker with the little basket made me laugh! What great ideas!! Glad to see you celebrate 100 days in 2nd grade. When I moved up to 2nd from 1st last year, my team thought I was a little nuts for celebrating. I'm all about it again this year! =) Thanks for sharing your ideas!
    Sister Teachers

  3. Even if the kids don't make t-shirts, you totally should!

    Everyone deServes to Learn

  4. I dressed up last year for the 100th Day as a 100 year old. It was so much fun! Everyone at school enjoyed it. This year I am not dressing up since I am pregnant. I thought that might look a little funny so I am hoping to wear my 100th Day shirt instead. It looks like you have a lot of great activities planned for the special day. Have fun!!


  5. Great ideas! I think I'll have to try the 100 cup structure. That sounds like lots of fun.
    ❀ Tammy
    Forever in First

  6. Bwahahaha, love the group of Golden Girls! I am totally snagging your 100 day door banner idea. Thanks for sharing :)

  7. Love the old lady costumes!! I don't even know when our 100th day is... I need to check on that! :)

    EduKate and Inspire

  8. I love these 100th day ideas! Bravo!
    I'm you newest follower!
    Second In Line

  9. You ladies look great! I'm going to dress up this year! I'm all about having fun with my second graders! :)


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