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Wednesday, January 2, 2013

I Survived {my first day back!!} + a Winter Writing Freebie!

Well, I did it.  I survived my first day back from break.

The kids made it pretty easy.  They’re still as cute as they were in 2012 {if you can believe that}!!  Once I saw them I stopped pouting about not being able to sleep in and I just sort of went on with my day.  We had fun.  It’s gonna be a short week, and short weeks are easy peasy!

We’re learning how to “Zoom In” on our topics in writing, so we started with a list of all the fun things we did during our Winter Break, then we looked at my {superrrr long on purpose} list and decided what I could zoom in on.  Then, we worked on creating a really detailed paragraph about the White Elephant Exchange the Mr. and I hosted at our house on Christmas Eve.  Then I sent them back to their seats, and they picked one item from their list they want to write about.

Tomorrow we’ll write our sloppy copies, and Friday we’ll write final copies on the paper below.  I’ve uploaded it to Google Docs if you would like a copy for whenever you head back.  Just click the picture to head on over and grab it.

{There’s a “back side” with more lines for students who will use more than the 5 on the front}

Just a reminder, I’m hosting a giveaway until Saturday!  Click the picture below to enter!

perfect pair giveaway

I’m also part of a giveaway that Amy over at 3 Teacher Chicks is hosting.

Head over to wish her a Happy Birthday and enter!



  1. Congrats on's great to be back! Early to bed, though! SMILES!

  2. Thanks so much Halle for mentioning my giveaway! I really appreciate it! I hope yours turns out great as well!
    3 Teacher Chicks


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